Holiday Wishes from Your Partners in PAI

We in the Office of Planning, Assessment and Innovation are grateful for the good fortune, great partnerships, and continuous progress we've experienced this year, and we look forward to continuing the trend into New Year 2020! Looking back on 2019, we:

  • Introduced new departmental branding and expanded our website
  • Launched a new divisional CQI newsletter, a new online CQI introductory course, a new CQI Community of Practice and a new online CQI toolkit
  • Made huge strides with several process improvement projects, and launched a visual dashboard to track it all
  • Facilitated huge progress updates to the WSU Strategic Plan
  • Facililtated the opening of more new Anthony Wayne Drive apartments
  • Held a successful first annual World Quality Day celebration
  • Facilitated a successful first Administrative Unit Review with C&IT Customer Service
    ...among many other achievements this year.

All of us in PAI wish our entire WSU family the very best of the holiday season, and a New Year filled with Effectiveness, Efficiency, and Continuously Getting Better All the Time!

Now let's have some fun. We've got a few goodies right here on this page for you—we're in the giving spirit a little early. Scroll through the whole page to check out each one.

Some Assembly Required

We'd like to wrap up this year with a little reminder of why CQI is so important at WSU. Let's play a little game...

Holiday Hidden Images

Now we're "throwin' it back" to holidays past with this nostalgic little activity. You can also zoom in on your mobile screen to play. Find them all and get a gold star! Here are your hints:

Get to Know PAI

See if you can guess who these folks are in the Office of Planning, Assessment & Innovation. Hover your mouse pointer to match the avatar to the real photo.

"The Queen of Quality"

This lady not only leads by empowering those in her charge to leverage their strengths in their work, but she also takes the most fabulous vacations!

Allison Martin

Assistant VP, Planning, Assessment & Innovation

Allison's Bio
"The Metrics Maven"

Known to her team as the metrics maven, this chick will run circles around most when it comes to Excel data and pivot tables.

Michelle Schnell

Program Management Specialist

Michelle's Bio
"The Distinguished Gentleman"

In addition to his work role, he is also known for being a well-traveled connosieur of fine wine and culture.

Jon Northway

Strategy and Performance Improvement Consultant

Jon's Bio
"Mr. Ambassador"

This fella's not only got mad skills in the kitchen, but even greater skills weilding diplomacy and getting teams together to get tough work done!

Bill Ging

Director, Business Technology Solutions (BTS)

Bill's Bio
"The Data Whisperer"

This lady bends HR data and application systems to her will, and loves hanging out with her dancing grandkids.

June Jennings

API Specialist

June's Bio
"The Super Sleuth"

When it comes to HR application support and data, not a single stone goes unturned or detail missed with this guy.

Allan Kjellberg

API Specialist

Allan's Bio
"The EduTechDiva"

Besides her project management, data viz, and process improvement work with PAI, this chick is an author, artist, photographer, entrepreneur, and faculty with CFPCA Comms.

Tonya V Thomas

Senior Business Systems Analyst

Tonya's Bio
"Adventure Gal"

This girl loves to go biking, hiking, exploring, and marathon-ing, and takes care of the data reporting needs of our friends in Finance and General Accounting.

Shereese Thomas

Senior Business Systems Analyst

Shereese's Bio
"The O.G." (OneCard Guru)

Among his many other responsibilities, this guy is known across the nation for what he's accomplished with WSU's OneCard system.

Martin Korosso

Lead Applications Technical Analyst

Martin's Bio
"Dr. J"

This dude is currently working on yet another master's degree—in biomedical engineering!🤓—and still takes care of the systems needs of our friends in FP&M.

Jason Sepanak

Lead Applications Technical Analyst

Jason's Bio
"The Magician"

This guy is an avid gamer, an extreme mediaphile, and an elite programmer with military background, and takes care of our friends in Housing and the Student Center.

Tim Hays

Senior Applications Tech Analyst

Tim's Bio
"The BBQ King"

Besides just making sure our campus parking and printing hums like a well-oiled engine, this guy is a wiz at the grill!

John O'Meara

Senior Applications Tech Analyst

John's Bio